Sad news abounds for Australians as rumors suggest the Commodore may move on.

Since 1948, Holden has designed, engineered and built cars for Australians (and other markets) in Australia - but that soon may change.

According to the chief engineers behind the development of the Holden Commodore, via OptusZoo News, 2014 may mark the last time Australians design a version of the Commodore for local and/or global consumption.

"Senior management have confirmed it is highly likely that the 2014 Commodore will be the last one engineered in Australia," said Chris Walton, chief executive of The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, who are responsible for the past and present Commodore designs.

The suggestion is believed to have come from Holden owner, General Motors, who may be looking to utilize more global development and platforms in the future, seeing the niche product designs and building in Australia as ineffective from a cost perspective.

An Australian Senator, Kim Carr, said that government officials are in talks with GM and other automakers now regarding possible future investments in the country, but was unable to confirm one way or the other what will become of the 250 to 300 engineering jobs that stand to be lost if the Holden Commodore following the 2014 model year redesign go elsewhere.

"In this industry, it is capital intensive, decisions are made on a long-term basis," said Senator Carr. "We are [still] in the process of discussion about these questions."

Given the long-time rivalry between Ford's Falcon and Holden's Commodore, fans on either side of the Australian motor isle will likely be sadly to see the car go as the friendly competition has no doubt fueled countless improvements to both cars for their respective fans to enjoy.


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