Nissan was forced to shift engineers away from development of the new Titan to help restart production lines halted by the March disaster.

The full-size Nissan Titan pickup has soldiered on since its 2004 introduction with only minimal changes, and now it seems a badly needed redesign isn't in the cards until at least the 2014 model year.

The March disaster in Japan severely disrupted Nissan's production facilities, forcing the automaker to dedicate a significant amount of resources to restarting the halted production lines. As a result, Nissan simply didn't have the engineering power to move forward with Titan project as quickly as previously planned.

Originally, Nissan had an agreement with Chrysler to built a new Titan based on the Dodge Ram for the 2011 model year. That scheme fell apart when Chrysler entered bankruptcy in 2009, after which Nissan started work on an in-house design that would have debuted as a 2013 model had it not been for the tsunami.

In the past, Nissan has hinted that the new Titan could feature an intriguing engine lineup when it finally does hit the market.

"We could do downsized powertrains; we could do an enhanced V-8; and we could look at diesel powertrains" for the next Titan, former Nissan executive Larry Dominique said in 2010.


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