The G550 4x4-2, the G350d, and the G65 are allegedly on the chopping block.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to introduce a brand-new G-Class. It will look a lot like the model currently found in showrooms, but the two off-roaders will be completely different under the sheet metal. The model hierarchy will look a lot different, too, according to a recent report.Three current members of the G-Class family will get sent to the automotive slaughterhouse when the SUV goes in for a redesign, German website Mercedes-Benz Passion has learned. They have been identified as the G65, the G350d Professional, and the G550 4x4-2.

Axing these three variants -- which bookend the more mainstream Gs -- will considerably simplify the lineup. The V12-powered G65 will get sent off with a limited-edition model named Final Edition that we expect to see at about the same time as the new model. The G550 4x4-2 will end its career quietly; a limited-edition model is unlikely.

The G350d Professional is a little bit more fortunate. The nameplate won't move on to the new model, but production of the existing G350d could carry on for at least a few more years to satisfy demand.

Earlier rumors indicate the all-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class will make its public debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show. If that's accurate, it will reach showrooms as a 2019 model about halfway through the year.

Note: Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet pictured. Photos by Ronan Glon.