Mitsubishi must allocate its limited resources to other projects.

Mitsubishi has confirmed that it has delayed the launch of the next-gen Montero by two or three years. The range-topping 'ute was pulled from the United States market in 2006 but it is still on sale in many countries around the world.

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show last week, Mitsubishi head of product and strategy development Ryugo Nakao admitted that the SUV's launch has been pushed back because the automaker needs to allocate its limited resources to other projects. However, Mitsubishi remains committed to replacing the Montero and the project is at the embryonic stage.

Expected to land in showrooms in 2015 at the very earliest, the next Montero will be entirely new inside and out. It will be considerably lighter than the 14-year old current model, and it will be more luxurious in order to fend off upmarket competitors.

Diesel- and gasoline- engines will be offered, and a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain is a strong possibility.

In spite of its upscale move, the next Montero will retain its off-road capacity. Nakao made it clear that the flagship needs to be equally at home in the desert and in posh urban neighborhoods.

Expect a thinly-veiled concept to preview Mitsubishi's upcoming range-topping SUV in the coming years.