Porsche and Audi are both looking to cut costs.

The next generation of the Porsche 911 and the Audi R8 will be more than distant cousins built by sister companies. A recent report finds the two sports cars will share a number of mechanical components in order to cut costs.

Both models will use the same front-end architecture, according to Australian website Motoring. That means the steering system, the suspension components, and even some of the braking system will be sourced from the same assembly line and tuned in-house for each vehicle.

The 911 and the R8 will continue to ride on distinct platforms. The Porsche will remain rear-engined, while the Audi will keep its mid-engined configuration. Similarly, there are no plans to stuff a turbocharged flat-six behind the R8's passenger compartment, though an entry-level variant powered by a Porsche-sourced 2.9-liter V6 will be added to the lineup in the coming months.

However, Motoring reports the parts sharing between the 911 and the R8 means the Lamborghini Huracán's future is uncertain. The Raging Bull's next entry-level model is expected to shift to a modular platform that will be shared with the Aventador's replacement, though nothing is official at this point.

The next Porsche 911 has already been spied testing north of the Arctic Circle, and it could arrive next year as a 2019 model. We'll learn more about which parts it will -- and won't -- share with the next-gen R8 in the next few months. Audi's range-topping sports car isn't due for replacement until early next decade at the soonest.