More luxury is on tap for the next-generation Range Rover.

Land Rover could push the next version of its Range Rover SUV even further up-scale in order to compete with the likes of the Bentley Bentayga, a company executive has revealed.As it stands the Range Rover isn't exactly a penalty box, but the market has shown it's willing to shell out even more money for a super high-end SUV. Whereas a top-sec Range Rover tops out at about $200,000, pricing for the Bentley Bentayga starts at $230,000.

Elevating the Range Rover will leave a gap in Land Rover's lineup, but the automaker is already working to resolve that issue. In order to at least partially fill the Range Rover's current position, Land Rover will make its next-generation Discovery and Discovery Sport models even more luxurious.

"I think Range Rover has no way reached its ceiling in terms of price," Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's design director and chief creative officer, told Automotive News. "As we make [the Discovery and Discovery Sport] more premium, it becomes incumbent on us to make Range Rover even more luxurious, and that is what we are focused on."

The Range Rover won't become a super luxurious school bus, however. McGovern added that there are no plans to make the Range Rover into a three-row vehicle, although the Range Rover Sport model will likely continue to fill that niche.

"I don't think an optimized seven-seater is the right proposition for Range Rover, no matter what anybody says. That's Discovery territory. It's not to say you can't have a 5+2 on a Range Rover Sport."

Land Rover's product shift could also have an impact on the next Defender, which has historically been a bare-bones off-road vehicle. McGovern indicated that the new Defender could become more civilized to fill the role of its Discovery, which is known as the LR4 in the United States.

Photos by Drew Johnson.