The next-generation Toyota Prius will use a turbocharged engine and lithium-ion batteries to achieve its rumored 94 mpg rating, according to a published report. The latest issue of the U.K.'s AutoExpress magazine indicates a lean-burn 1.8-litre turbo engine will be coupled the THS-II hybrid system with efficient lithium ion batteries to great improve efficiency. Toyota is also said to be considering a plug-in capability as as standard feature. Currently, many Prius owners modify their cars for plug-in charging, but that can void the car's warranty. In issue 904, the magazine reported the new 94 mpg Prius would offer an improved 0-62 mph time of under 10 seconds. Changes are also likely to come to the exterior of the new Prius. Early last month, we reported that Toyota is considering using design to help differentiate its hybrid offerings from its other models.