The Jetta is one of five new models Volkswagen will begin building this year.

A product roadmap shown during a presentation sheds insight into what we'll see from Volkswagen in the coming months.

During the first half of 2017, the Wolfsburg-based brand started building the Atlas, the Arteon, and the long-wheelbase variant of the second-generation Tiguan. The product plan reveals the next new model is the Polo, a city car positioned between the up! and the Golf.

Polo production is scheduled to begin next month, meaning it will likely make its debut online in the coming weeks. It won't be much of a surprise because we've already seen pictures of it with virtually no camouflage.

The first T-Roc will roll off the production line in August. The T-Roc is a new addition to the Volkswagen portfolio, one designed to slot below the Tiguan as the company's smallest soft-roader. Like the Polo, it will break cover at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show.

The plug-in Phideon and the Virtus listed in the product plan are minor debuts, especially compared to the other models Volkswagen has in the pipeline. The Phideon PHEV is an electrified variant of an existing model built and sold exclusively in China, while the Virtus is essentially a Polo with a trunk instead of a hatch. Move along, folks, nothing to see.

The all-new Touareg is scheduled to appear in November. It's no longer Volkswagen's biggest SUV -- that honor now goes to the aforementioned Atlas -- but it will remain the company's most luxurious and most expensive model in the foreseeable future. Again, we've already seen the upcoming Touareg with very little camouflage so we know its design will be inspired by the T-Prime GTE concept shown in Beijing last year.

Finally, the last new Volkswagen of 2017 is the next Jetta. Insiders suggest it will ride on Volkswagen's modular MQB platform, but that's about all we know about it at this point.

Production is scheduled to kick off in North America in December, so we'll likely see it in the metal during next year's edition of the Detroit Auto Show.