Following a recall for 289,000 Wranglers nearly three months ago, NHTSA is now investing 223,000 Wranglers for an unrelated safety concern.

Just three months ago the venerable Jeep Wrangler faced a recall affecting a total of 289,000 2006-10 model year vehicles over design flaw that could result in a leaking brake line, now, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is launching an investigation that covers 223,000 2007-08 Wranglers regarding a possible fuel leak.

NHTSA says that this latest investigation stemmed from 217 complaints filed with the safety agency that suggest that fuel can spill back out of the fuel filler door during refueling, posing a possible fire risk.

The issue reportedly involves fuel splashing back out of the fuel filler hole when the pump is at or near completion, even after the pump automatically shuts off - signaling a full tank. The complaints list a range of concerns, ranging from fuel simply leaking down the side of the SUV, to splashing onto the individual filling the gas tank, to splashing out and onto the ground below.

To date, Chrysler says no one has been injured and no fires have been linked to the potentially faulty vehicle, but the automaker will cooperate with the safety agency into determining if there is a potential problem or operator error at fault.