The yet-unnamed vehicle will be halfway between a motorcycle and a car.

A new report finds that Nissan is in the early stages of developing a small electric vehicle designed exclusively for city use. The yet-unnamed two-seater will be billed as a more user-friendly alternative to the diminutive Renault Twizy.

Aimed at affluent urban dwellers who use a scooter to commute to work or to run errands, Nissan's EV will offer the compactness of a motorcycle in a package that boasts roughly the same weather- and sound-proofing as a car. The vehicle might borrow design cues and technical features from the Land Glider concept, a small EV that was presented at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

In order to avoid product overlapping on the European market, the yet-unnamed vehicle will be better-equipped than the Twizy. An enclosed cabin, full doors and a high-tech interior are all expected to be part of the package.

Technical details are not known, but expect the Nissan EV to use a small, rear-mounted electric motor that drives the rear wheels. Top speed will likely lie in the vicinity of 60 mph.

if the report proves true, the sub-Leaf EV will make its public debut at a major auto show next year and go on sale throughout Asia and Europe shortly after. Whether or not it will be added to the Nissan catalog in the United States is not known.