The new Leaf's redesigned headlights take a bit of inspiration from the bold IDS concept.

Nissan has officially kicked off a teaser campaign for the next-generation Leaf.

The social-media campaign starts with a glimpse of the new EV's redesigned headlights. The company has apparently ditched the current Leaf's controversial Micra-like headlight design in favor of a more futuristic design with rectangular lens surrounds and a floating DRL band.

The revamped Leaf will presumably borrow design elements from the IDS concept, bringing the EV up to speed with the brand's latest design language.

Perhaps most importantly, the new Leaf will undoubtedly offer a significant range upgrade. The current model's 107-mile EPA rating has been overshadowed by the Chevrolet Bolt's 238-mile benchmark.

The next-gen Leaf will be particularly important for Nissan as the EV market becomes much more competitive in the coming years.

More details will be released gradually ahead of the Leaf's official unveiling later this year.