Nissan reveals aggressive expansion plans in China

Nissan reveals aggressive expansion plans in China

by Ben Hsu

By 2022, China will overshadow the US as Nissan's largest market.

Nissan has revealed an aggressive growth plan in China that may dwarf even its already ambitious plans for the US.

As part of an internal plan called MOVE 2022, the goal is to have an annual sales in China of 2.6 million vehicles, according to Automotive News. That would be an increase from Nissan's current 5.6 percent of China's market share to 8 percent. In 2017, Nissan sold 1.6 million in the US, currently its largest market. In the same period, Nissan sold 1.52 million vehicles in China with the help of its local partner, Dongfeng Motors.

As Automotive News notes, in order to reach the lofty goal Nissan and Dongfeng "will introduce 40 models, including 20 electrified vehicles" and open 2,000 new dealerships across the country.

The nw model onslaught will be across the board, filling out the lineups of Nissan, local entry-level brand Venucia, and luxury marque Infiniti. The latter will need a tripling of sales, according to Automotive News, while commercial vehicles will require double. By 2022, 30 percent of all vehicles sales in China will have some form of electrification.

Taken in this light, the recent announcement that all Infiniti models will have some electrification by 2021 makes more sense. We would not be surprised if further influence from China's market found its way to US product as well.