The company has donated three to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Drivers in Tokyo will soon have a new patrol car to look out for. The Nissan 370Z NISMO is reporting for duty.

Nissan has supplied three new NISMO Nissan Fairlady Z (Japanese market name for the 370Z) patrol cars to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Finished in the traditional white and black two-tone of Japan's police cars, it would be a frightening sight to see its flashing red light bar in your rear-view mirror.

Luckily for speeders, for now the main duty of these Zs will be to promote traffic safety, not chase down lawbreakers. They will primarily be used for demonstrations on road safety campaigns and at charity events.

"They chose the NISMO Z because they wanted an iconic car," explains Makoto Fujii, a manager at Nissan Japan. "It's a long time since we last supplied cars to the MPD." Indeed, several previous iterations of the Nissan Z have served as actual highway patrol cars, including the mid-90s Z32 generation (what we know in the US as the 300ZX). The collaboration goes back to the early 1970s, in which a Fairlady Z432 — a special racing homologation model with a high-performance Skyline GT-R engine that was a Japan-only model — patrol car was used.

Of course, all the cars are equipped with police scanners and light bars, so even if they're only promotional vehicles now, they could unleash their 350-horsepower engines down the road.