The new EV is slated to land in 2020, while a new version of the Leaf is due this year with up to 40 percent longer range.

Nissan has confirmed a few details for its updated Leaf and plans for a next-generation long-range model, potentially based on the IDS concept revealed in 2015.

The company's global director of EV and hybrid development, Kazuo Yajima, says a revised Leaf will arrive this year with a modest range increase from 280 kilometers (174 miles) to 350-400 kilometers (217-249 miles), according to an interview with Nikkei Automotive spotted by hybridCars.

The figures reference generous estimates using the Japanese test cycle. If the 43-percent gain is applied to the current Leaf's EPA rating, US buyers might expect to get around 150 miles on a full charge.

The company is already testing a prototype for an EV that will be able to reach 550 kilometers (342 miles) when it lands in showrooms by 2020. Yajima did not name the specific model but promises it will have the same cargo space and exterior dimensions as the current Leaf, hinting at a production version of the IDS (pictured).

The IDS is outfitted with a 60-kWh battery, so its EPA-rated range will likely be closer to the 210-mile benchmark set by the Tesla Model S 60.