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Nissan Armada gets custom Mountain Patrol gear

by Justin King

If drivers expect to spend a few days on high-altitude goat trails, they can simply pitch a roof-mounted tent.

Nissan has revealed the Armada Mountain Patrol, a heavily customized SUV for overland travel.

The company engaged truck enthusiasts via social media to choose the equipment. Fans called for off-road tires, modified suspension and exhaust, vehicle protection, extra lighting, auxiliary fuel storage and vehicle recovery equipment.

For multi-day adventures, drivers and occupants can pitch a roof-mounted tent or dine beneath an awning behind the liftgate.

"For those family adventure fans who aren't familiar with the term 'overlanding', all they need to do is look at the Armada Mountain Patrol to understand that this is not glamping, not a day trip to the local forest - it's adventure taken to new heights," says Nissan North America marketing manager Brandon White.

The Armada Mountain Patrol will be on display at Overland Expo West from May 18-20 in Flagstaff, Arizona.