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Margot Robbie headlines Nissan Formula E launch

by Ben Hsu

Nissan has enlisted the help of the Oscar-nominated actor and Leaf driver.

Nissan has enlisted the help of actor Margot Robbie to promote their entry into the all-electric Formula E racing series.

At a launch event in Los Angeles, Robbie helped reveal the Formula E racer, said to have been designed to resemble "a supersonic bird taking flight," to a modest media gathering.

"I'm excited to see how it will help Nissan develop its EV offering further and bring new and exciting technologies to communities across the world," Robbie, the Nissan EV brand ambassador, said of the Formula E racer. "I'm used to driving small stick-shift cars but I love my Leaf," she explained.

Nissan global motorsport director Michael Carcamo said that it the development of the Formula E car worked in reverse, having taken technology and lessons gleaned from Nissan's Leaf EV. Typically, racing programs develop technology that trickles down to road cars. Carcamo also reminded the audience that Nissan has been involved with EVs the 1947 Tama electric car.

Nissan is the first Japanese automaker to join Formula E. The series will take place on street circuits composed of public roads in major cities, including Paris, Berlin, Rome, Zurich, Hong Kong, and a series finale in New York. The selection of city centers for race locations is meant to draw in audiences, who would not have to travel to a remote race track to watch the race. Carcamo said the typical Formula E audience is younger than traditional race series.

Live images by Ben Hsu.