A rendering and live photo show a small Nissan SUV that appears to be based on the Navara (Frontier) pickup.

A mysterious new Nissan SUV has appeared in China, potentially previewing the rumored Xterra revival.Images posted by BurlappCar and Auto.syd.com.cn (via Carscoops) show a small SUV that closely resembles Nissan's latest Navara pickup.

The model is identified as the Paladin, the Chinese-market name for the Xterra. The mystery SUV looks larger than the Xterra, however, hinting at a shift in the nameplate's market positioning.

Notably, the third-generation Navara that appears to underpin the mystery SUV has not yet been brought to the US market. The SUV in the leaked pictures might also be excluded from the US, perhaps as a China exclusive.

The Xterra may still resurface in the US if Nissan plans to follow the same platform-sharing strategy with its next-generation Frontier, which has already been confirmed for production in Mississippi but no timeframe has been disclosed.