Certain elements of the enthusiast community have been quite vocal in calling for turbocharged versions of the Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ twins. However, a new report suggests that no forced induction FR-S is in the pipeline, although a turbocharged variant of the BRZ could become a reality somewhere down the road.

A source at Scion confirmed to Car & Driver that the FR-S will most likely make do without turbo power in the U.S. (more powerful foreign market models are still on the table). The problem, apparently, is pricing - a turbocharged FR-S would push the $30,000 mark, a price point at which the sports car would face stiff competition from a number of established performance machines.

Conversely, Subaru is positioned slightly more upmarket than the entry-level Scion brand and typically attracts more affluent consumers, so BRZ turbo would make at least a modicum of sense from an economic standpoint. Such a model is far from guaranteed, however, and it could be years away if it gets approved for production.