Mayor Michael Bloomberg is aiming for New York to be a "national leader in electric vehicles."

New York City plans to add 10,000 new parking spots for electric cars over the next seven years, a move that will require significant investment in building a charging station infrastructure.

The announcement will come later today from city mayor Michael Bloomberg during his State of the City address, reports the Associated Press, which obtained a copy of the speech.

Bloomberg is aiming to change the city's building code to require that 20 percent of new public parking spots be wired for quick charge electric car charging stations capable of recharging an EV's battery in just half an hour.

The move will "make New York City a national leader in electric vehicles," Bloomberg said.

To enact the plan, Bloomberg will need to rally the City Council's approval.

Right now, New York only has 100 public charging stations. The city is expanding its fleet of electric cars and it is pushing taxi drivers to adopt EVs, a move that would require a substantial increase in the number of charging stations. New York is currently working on a pilot program to install a pair of quick chargers in Manhattan, one of which would be open to the public and the other of which will be reserved for taxi drivers.

Today's State of the City will be the last for the mayor, who is beginning his final year in office.