Just yesterday President Obama announced a plan to mandate the federal government to only purchase "green" vehicles by 2015 - today the list of exceptions has been outed.

Just yesterday the Obama administration revealed the outline for a plan to move the federal government away from oil dependence by mandating that all government vehicles purchases by 2015 be gas-electric hybrids, plug-in hybrids, run on alternative fuel or electric vehicles.

As Leftlane pointed out in the original article about Obama's new energy plan, there was already a loophole of sorts that would allow E85 approved vehicles including full-size SUVs to qualify as "advanced technology vehicles," but now a new announcement by the U.S. Secret Service has revealed that federal vehicles used in certain capacities will also be exempt from the law.

One of the main vehicles to be exempted will be the presidential limo, known as "The Beast," which as earlier discussions had already concluded, can not make a practical switch to any type of alternative propulsion system without endangering the president. Secret Service Special Agent Robert Novy told Fox News that, "certain specialized vehicles with law enforcement and security specifications are not subject to this directive," and The Beast was among those vehicles.

For those not familiar, Fox points out that The Beast first debuted in 2009 during President Obama's inauguration, and is based - loosely - on a Cadillac. The Beast features five-inch thick armor and doors that weigh the same as those found on a Boeing 757, but other details are classified.

Other exceptions to the new mandate will include vehicles used for law enforcement and security roles, said Novy, according to The Detroit News.


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