One of the biggest buying points for the world's top tier automakers is exclusivity. Not only will you rarely ever see another example of your six-figure model next to you at a stop light, but everything you see and touch is exclusive to your particular automobile - unless your supercar was once produced by Detroit's finest.

Ford recent sold its Aston Martin sports car brand, but, thanks to a $65 million stake in Aston, the Blue Ovals finger prints are still all over the fabled marque. Aston Martins still use plenty of parts straight from Ford's parts bin, including most switch gear and navigation system pieces, but while Aston does little to hide its parts from their humble origins, you don't normally find other brand's names on them.

That's why one Aston Martin V8 Vantage owner was so shocked to see the Volvo name on his key fob. It remains unclear how the key fob was damaged, but the trauma was enough to peel away the key's leather cover, revealing the Volvo name.

"Our reaction was amusement and slight horror," the owner told Car Magazine. "We all know they share parts, but you would have thought someone would have invested a tenner to rub the name off."

Hopefully under Aston Martin's new ownership parts will become more exclusive, but with Ford still in the mix, anything is possible. That being said, Aston Martin is switching to a new "?Emotional Control Unit' glass-block key, so at least you won't be starting your $130,000 car with a leftover Volvo key.