The 2008 is the first off-roader that Peugeot has developed in-house.

Peugeot has formally unveiled the 2013 2008 crossover at the Geneva Motor Show.

Previewed by a concept that bowed at last year's Paris Motor Show, the 2008 is the first off-roader that Peugeot has developed without soliciting input from another manufacturer. It rides on the same platform as the recently-launched 208 sub-compact and measures 163 inches long and 68 inches wide, putting it at the smaller end of the crossover segment.

Peugeot has confirmed that the 2008's entry-level engine will be a turbocharged 1.2-liter three-cylinder that makes 110 horsepower. The Nissan Juke-fighting crossover will also be available with a number of diesel- and gasoline-burning four-cylinder mills.

Designed with global markets in mind, the 2008 will be built in Wuhan, China, and in Porto Real, Brazil, shortly after debuting across Europe in the spring of 2013.

What about Citroën?

With the exception of the military-only Mercedes-based P4 from the late 1970s, Peugeot's SUVs and crossovers have always spawned a Citroën-badged variant. The 2008 will continue that tradition and its yet-unnamed Citroën twin likely be unveiled before the end of the year.

Live images by Ronan Glon.