The Instinct previews Peugeot's next design language.

A leak has prematurely revealed the Peugeot Instinct concept a little over a week ahead of its scheduled debut during the Geneva Auto Show.

First published on forum WorldScoop, the leaked image reveals the Instinct takes the form of a shooting brake. Its front end wears a sharper, more aggressive-looking rendition of Peugeot's current design language. Large alloys wrapped by low-profile tires fill the wheel arches, giving the concept a muscular stance.

The roof line peaks right above the front passengers and gently slopes down towards the rear fascia. The rear track is exceptionally wide, though it's likely more for form than for function; we doubt the concept is mid- or rear-engined.

Technical details weren't leaked, so we'll have to be patient to find out exactly what lies under the shapely sheet metal. However, virtually all of Peugeot's recent design studies have been hybrids, so we're guessing the coupe is electrified in one way or another.

Peugeot will introduce the Instinct concept online in the coming days, and we'll bring you live images of the debut-packed Geneva show starting on March 7th.

What's next?

The Instinct is likely just a concept built to showcase Peugeot's next design language, and not a preview of an upcoming production model. The Paris-based automaker has confirmed it won't replace the RCZ coupe for cost and demand reasons, so the chances of a Volkswagen Scirocco-like model hitting the market in the foreseeable future are slim to none.