VW plan for 3.0L units approved.

Volkswagen's plan to address emissions work-arounds in its three-liter V6 diesel engines has been finalized.

VW Group's plan for its 3.0L V6 TDIs largely mirrors that of its four-cylinder units, according to Reuters, however there is one important distinction.

Namely, it should be possible for Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen dealers to bring any of the V6 diesels in question into compliance with hardware and software modifications.

This means any owner who wishes to keep his or her vehicle should be able to do so with minimal hassle, while also receiving compensation for the inconvenience and loss of value.

A buyback program will still be implemented, and dealers will also be in a position to resell the cars in question after performing any necessary work.

This could turn out to be a profitable move for dealers who would be able to charge the cost of upgrading to the manufacturer and then turn around and sell the fixed cars to customers who will find their engine choice increasingly scarce in the U.S. market.

The strategy has already been floated thanks to a surplus of diesel-powered Porsche Cayenne SUVs that were already delivered to the U.S. before the scandal broke.

According to the report, there are still some outstanding issues to settle, but owners of the 80,000-some-odd 3.0L TDI vehicles covered under the emissions recall and class-action suit should receive more information soon.