The city has taken legal action against the owners of the derelict stadium, arguing that a permit is necessary to store the cheating VW cars.

The city of Pontiac, Michigan, has filed a lawsuit over the Silverdome's use as a storage lot for Volkswagen's TDI buybacks.

The derelict stadium has not hosted a Detroit Lions game for more than 15 years. It was auctioned by the city in 2009 and its new owners were unsuccessful in reopening the facility for other uses. It is now set to be demolished but, in the meantime, its parking lot currently hosts hundreds of non-compliant diesel vehicles affected by the VW emissions scandal.

The city recently issued citations against the current owner, Triple Investment Group, for storing the cars without a permit and for failing to secure the site against trespassers, according to a Detroit Free Press report.

"We must have some productive movement, other than promises that have been repeated and broken time and again over the last several years," the city wrote in a letter to the owners.

VW reportedly has several other regional storage facilities, one at a former Air Force base in California and another at the Port of Baltimore.