A 911 hybrid might be a thing after all.

Porsche has apparently had a change of heart and is once again considering a hybrid variant of its iconic 911 sports car.

Earlier this year August Achleitner, head of 911 development at Porsche, slammed the door on the company's oft-rumored 911 hybrid program, citing challenges related to weight and range. However, Porsche insiders have revealed to Bloomberg that the company has resumed development of an electrified 911 model.

The battery issue is still the largest challenge facing the 911 hybrid, but Porsche engineers are currently working on ways to reduce battery weight while still providing an electric range of 40 miles. The work is still ongoing, meaning a 911 hybrid won't debut until a few years into the life cycle of the next-generation of the sports car. The new 911, codenamed 992, isn't due out until late 2018.

If it does come to fruition, the 911 hybrid will be positioned as the line's flagship. Porsche followed a similar blueprint for its latest Panamera lineup, with the $184,000 Turbo S E-Hybrid positioned atop all other variants.

Porsche has already confirmed that it will launch an all-electric model called the Mission E in 2019, so the 911's push toward electrification doesn't come as a huge surprise. However, it will likely be at least one more generation before we see an all-electric 911 model.