CEO Oliver Blume has stepped up pressure on his bosses to sign off on production, arguing a plug-in hybrid is 'very important' for the core model.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has publicly pointed to a 911 plug-in hybrid as an inevitability for the brand, stepping up pressure on Volkswagen Group leadership to sign off on the oft-rumored project.

"It will be very important for the 911 to have a plug-in hybrid," he recently told Automotive News.

Another executive seemed dismissive of the prospect just months ago, suggesting current battery technology was deemed too heavy for the next-generation 992 chassis.

Blume does not appear to share the same view, hinting at a viable hybrid configuration using a next-generation battery that will be ready in time for the redesigned 911.

The executive cautions that a final green light has not been handed down quite yet. In his opinion, however, the company is ready to "go for it."