Porsche hasn't ruled out Cayman GT4 RS

by Drew Johnson
porsche hasnt ruled out cayman gt4 rs - image 1

Porsche has left the door open for what would be the ultimate version of the Cayman.

Porsche hasn't ruled out the possibility of a hard-core RS version of its latest Cayman GT4, the company's Motorsport boss has revealed.

Speaking on the sidelines of the recent Geneva Motor Show, where Porsche introduced the Cayman GT4, Porsche Motorsport head Andreas Preuninger revealed that an RS version of the mid-engined coupe could be in the cards if demand proves sufficient.

"This is just the beginning of the era," Preuninger told Evo. "I would be interested in doing a Cayman GT4 RS version, but at the moment we didn't even talk about such a thing. If the customers call for something like this we could think about it."

If demand for the Cayman GT4 is any indication, an RS version could be coming sooner rather than later. In just three days, Porsche sold two-years worth of Cayman GT4 production in the UK and Germany.

However, it remains to be seen if Porsche execs will actually green light a version of the Cayman that could potentially wipe the floor with the company's iconic 911.

Photos by Ronan Glon.