What's wrong with this picture?

Porsche managed to nab the title of official pace car of the Virgin Australian Supercars Championship from Lexus, but the news was overshadowed by an embarrassing error in a PR photo.

In a photo that has since been taken down, Porsche proudly displayed a black Cayenne S Diesel "SAFTEY CAR." What is a saftey car, you might ask. Well, Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "saft" as a "chiefly Scottish variant of soft." Given the light bar mounted on the roof, however, we should probably assume that the 2,000-point font decal plastered on the side of the car intended to say "SAFETY CAR." There, now the word processor has removed the squiggly red line.

The image quickly spread across the internet, appearing on sites such as Motor Mag, Jalopnik, and The Drive before Porsche could scrub its mistake. It seems quite unlikely that the misspelling would pass in front of multiple pairs of eyeballs — PR, designer, wrapper, photographer — undetected, but there it was.

As it happens, Urban Dictionary has another meaning for "saft": "A contraction of silly and daft having the same meaning - stupid, foolish. Commonly used in the Black Country area of Central United Kingdom." Perfect.