Porsche's modern-day 914 was thought to have already received the production nod from the German automaker, but a new report reveals no entry-level Porsche is currently in the pipeline. The baby Porsche roadster would have been based on Volkswagen's Bluesport concept.

In a recent interview with Auto Motor und Sport, Porsche r&d head Wolfgang D├╝rheimer revealed the German automaker has no plans to launch a new entry-level model. D├╝rheimer cited the current economic climate and Porsche's desire to remain an up-scale brand as the reason to forgo the Bluesport-based model.

The news of Porsche's cancelled entry-level roadster plans throws in doubt the future of the Bluesport concept altogether. In order to make the baby roadster financially viable, VW needed both Porsche and Audi to be onboard. However, now that Porsche has jumped ship on the project, it remains to be seen if VW can rework the Bluesport's numbers for just two brands.