Porsche says its next 911 won't go hybrid.

Porsche has officially killed plans to offer its next-generation 911 sports car with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Porsche's 911 hybrid ambitions have been on life support for the last several months, with the German automaker publicly pulling the plug on the project this week. August Achleitner, head of 718 and 911 development, confirmed to Car and Driver this week that the next 911, known as the 992, will not be offered with a gas-electric drivetrain.

"In the end, the disadvantages outweighed the advantages," Achleitner said of a hybrid 911.

Those disadvantages included weight and price. A hybrid 911 would have been several hundred pounds heavier than a normal 911, which would have thrown off its dynamic capabilities. A plug-in hybrid system would have also substantial increased the price point of the 911 to the point where it might not have been profitable.

Given the direction of global emissions standard the 911 will likely have to go hybrid at some point, but it won't be with the 992 generation of the sports car.