Porsche may not be on the most stable ground of its lengthy history, but Martin Winterkorn - current Volkswagen CEO and soon-to-be Porsche head - expects the small, sports car maker to double its annual sales within the next four years.

New Porsche additions - such as the Cayenne and Cayman - have helped sales in recent years, but Winterkron feels there is still room for expansion. Winterkron expects Porsche to double its sales to about 150,000 units by "2012 or 2013".

In order to achieve that sales goal, Porsche will likely add two new models - a smaller roadster to slot beneath the Boxster and a small SUV to compliment the Cayenne, according to Autocar. The smaller Boxster would be based on the VW Blue Sport concept. The baby Cayenne - thought to be called the Roxster - would borrow its architecture from the Audi Q5. Winterkron also indicated a coupe version of the Panamera could be in the works.

Porsche's rollout schedule remains unknown, but the first of the new models could be in dealer showrooms by 2011. Porsche purist won't be happy with the news, but the greater sales volume should keep Porsche out of financial trouble.