The plug-in Panamera is expected to be able to travel for up to 19 miles in all-electric mode.

Both the United States and the European Union are planning on imposing strict lineup-wide standards for gas mileage and CO2 emissions in the very near future.

Companies like Porsche who primarily build sports cars are expected to have a tough time complying with the regulations, which could ultimately result in hefty fines. This has led Porsche to dabble in hybrid drivetrains.

A report published by Automotive News claims that the German sports car company will take things a step further and launch a plug-in hybrid version of the Panamera in 2014 at the very latest. The car is slated to be sold in the United States, though no word was spoken about when it will make its debut.

According to a separate report published this morning by Motor Trend, the plug-in Panamera will be based off of the existing Panamera S Hybrid, and the two models will share the same 333 horsepower supercharged V6 engine.

However, Porsche will swap out the hybrid's nickel-metal battery in favor of a larger lithium-ion one. Official technical specifications have not yet been released, but the car is said to be able to travel for up to 19 miles in all-electric mode.

More details about the plug-in Panamera will be available in the coming months. Expect its base price to fall north of the Panamera S Hybrid's $95,000.