Porsche insists its cars aren't investments -- at least not until they become classics.

Porsche revealed speculators flipping the limited-edition 911 R for insane sums sometimes approaching the quarter of a million dollar threshold convinced it to make a Touring Package for the GT3 model.

"We did not expect this, let me say, crazy reaction concerning used car prices. Because some people are making only money with the car. We don't like that," affirmed August Achleitner, the head of the 911 line, during a recent interview with Road & Track.

The optional Touring Package (pictured) turns the 911 GT3 into a hardcore machine that places an emphasis on street use instead of track use. The 911 R answered a similar calling, but the two aren't exactly identical. As Road & Track points out, the R relies on carbon fiber and magnesium to shed weight, while the GT3 does not. Both cars offer a 500-horsepower 4.0-liter flat-six engine, though the GT3's revs a little bit higher.

Legitimate collectors who bought the 911 R for its rarity and its place in Porsche history, not as a retirement placement on wheels, likely cringed when Porsche announced the Touring Package a few months ago at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Company executives know this.

"Of course, there are some specific customers who are a little bit disappointed but it's okay, we can live with this," said Achleitner.

Photos by Ronan Glon.