Pranksters hang car from Toronto overpass

Pranksters hang car from Toronto overpass

by Justin King

Police have initiated a "public mischief investigation" that could lead to charges.

Some Toronto commuters noticed an odd sight this morning after apparent pranksters suspended a car from a bridge.

The gutted Honda Civic was presumably hoisted into the air overnight, leaving it dangling in midair from beneath the Bloor viaduct near the Don Valley Parkway.

Whoever was responsible for the prank placed caution tape around the area below the vehicle. Police nonetheless kept a presence in the popular hiking area until the car could be cut down.

Dangling car off Toronto bridge - the moment it is cut down!#prank? #danglingcar @TorontoPolice say this is now a criminal investigation. @CTVNews pic.twitter.com/yJUu7k0rti

— Peter Akman (@PeterAkman) May 2, 2018

"It definitely is not something that we endorse, and definitely something that we do not recommend," Const. Victor Kwong told the National Post. "Any unauthorized access to bridges, to truss systems like that, could potentially impact the safety of many."

Authorities have launched a "public mischief" investigation that could lead to charges. The leading theory focuses attention on engineering students.