Automobile Magazine reported today that Toyota is considering creating another brand, named after its successful Prius to better market its hybrid cars.

After the 2011 model year, Toyota hybrids will no longer be sold under the Toyota nameplate, but instead under the Prius brand, the report said.

The Prius line of cars will be markedly different from their Toyota counterparts with unique sheet metal and hybrid powertrains. The Prius line will offer three different models which have been internally dubbed Prius A, Prius B and Prius C, ranging from Yaris to Camry in size. The Prius A will be introduced in 2009, "B" will be introduced in 2010 and the "C" will launched in 2011.

The exterior of the new Prius cars won't be as controversial as the first and second generation Prius, but Toyota forsees difficulty in providing a spacious interior and trunk space because of the size of the battery packs, meaning designs will have to be somewhat unconventional.