PSA is already considering expanding Opel's footprint.

PSA Group's plan for Opel could include selling the German brand's vehicles outside of the European market. PSA is currently holding negotiations to buy Opel from General Motors.

Although the Opel brand in mainly sold in Europe, PSA sees an opportunity to sell the German brand outside of its home market. PSA CEO Carlos Tavares believes Opel's German roots could help supplement the company's Peugeot and Citroen brands in regions where the French carmaker isn't favorably viewed.

"The business sense is to make sure that we can capture a wider consumer base," Tavares told Automotive News. "In some markets in the world we have customers who, despite all the progress that we've made, will not consider a French brand."

Tavares declined to reveal what markets might be under consideration for the Opel brand. He was asked about the U.S. as a possible landing spot for the Opel brand, but did not answer the question directly.

PSA is expected to make a decision whether or not to purchase Opel within the next few weeks.