Ram is cleaning up a badge mix-up.

Over the last few decades the domestic automakers have greatly improved their quality control measures, but apparently the folks over at Fiat Chrysler's Ram truck division could use a little more polish.

Here's the evidence: Technical service bulletin 23-053-16, which was issued to address a badge mixup at the factory. Apparently Ram was affixing HEMI engine badges to the fenders of some special edition trucks that were fitted with the company's 3.6L V6.

Instead of letting some truck owners have some extra bragging rights (even if they are fake), Ram has ordered its dealer network to remove the erroneous badges.

"If the vehicle has HEMI emblems installed and the vehicle does not have a HEMI engine, the emblem will need to be removed," FCA said in a statement, according to Automotive News.

No word on how many trucks were involved in the emblem gaffe.