Yet another rich celebrity managed to wreck an exotic car.

Rapper Tyga has joined the club of rich celebrities who have managed to crash an exotic car. As is often the case in the 21st Century, no sooner had he recovered his senses, Tyga managed to take a snap of the aftermath and post it to Instagram.

Although Tyga (real name Michael Ray Ngyuen-Stevenson) managed to leave the white Aventador stranded in the middle of nowhere, he appears to have emerged unharmed. "Just crashed my lambo. Thank God for the seatbelt," said the rapper, on announcing the incident to the world.

Little is known at this early juncture about what happened or where exactly the misadventure took place. What is clear is that the 23-year old Young Money Cash Money rapper managed to spear off a road in a desert location, with the Lamborghini coming to rest against some large rocks. While the exterior seems relatively undamaged, it is likely that they undercarriage will be in some need of attention.

Tyga is also well-known for his custom Golden Chrome Audi R8, so either his tastes have matured in terms of color choice, or he was driving a rental car. Regardless, as always, it remains sad to see another super car worse for wear.