Although the current economic downturn is affecting all aspects of the auto industry, high-performance vehicles have arguably been hit the hardest hit. As automakers focus their attention on more mainstream volume cars, performance vehicles are being left by the wayside, with another high-performance death being reported today.

Following in the wake of General Motors' decision to scrap if High Performance Vehicle Operations, Renault has announced it will no longer be reviving its performance Alpine nameplate. The French automaker was slated to produce an all-new Alpine model by 2010, but those plans have officially been canceled in order to further reduce costs.

Renault COO Patrick Pelata said the cancellation was a direct result of the economic downturn, stating the project was a "casualty" of the times.

The now-dead Alpine model would have been a mid-engine two-seater, taking aim at cars like Mazd's MX-5.