The Paris-based automaker has also updated the Kangoo Z.E. with more range.

Renault has traveled to the Brussels Auto Show to introduce two electric commercial vans. The first is a brand-new model named Master Z.E., and the second is an updated version of the existing Kangoo Z.E.

The Master Z.E. stands out as the only full-size electric van on the European market. It's equipped with a 33-kilowatt-hour battery pack mounted under the cabin, where the fuel tank is usually found, and a 57-kilowatt motor installed in the engine bay.

The Master -- which is the same size as the Ford Transit and the Ram ProMaster -- has a range of 124 miles, according to Renault. However, the real-world figure users can hope to achieve is likely much lower, because the European testing cycle for electric and plug-in hybrid cars is remarkably optimistic.

Even 124 miles wouldn't be a jaw-dropping figure, but Renault explains the van was developed specifically for small business and local governments who almost always drive short distances in big cities.

The smaller, Transit Connect-sized Kangoo Z.E. receives the same 33-kWh battery pack as the Master, a new motor, and a faster on-board charger. It's capable of driving for 168 miles on a charge, though buyers will again likely need to plug in well before that.

The Renault Master Z.E. is scheduled to go on sale by the end of the year. Buyers will be able to choose between three wheelbases and two roof heights. The updated Kangoo Z.E. will arrive in showrooms this summer.