The bulk of the 10 million cars will come from Nissan.

Renault-Nissan has officially announced that it is hoping to sell 10 million cars a year worldwide by the year 2016. Counting figures from sub-brands like Infiniti and Dacia, the two automakers sold 8.1 million vehicles last year.

Analysts predict that the bulk of the 10 million cars will come from Nissan, whose sales are steadily growing in key regions such as the United States and China. The Japanese automaker will increase its presence in emerging markets by exhuming its Datsun brand, which will exclusively sell low-cost cars aimed at buyers on a tight budget. Official details about Datsun's first car in decades will be available in a couple of days.

Renault will contribute less cars than Nissan because it has been hit hard by the economic crisis that has plagued the European market for several years, but it is counting on its low-cost Dacia brand to boost sales in emerging markets located throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa. The French automaker is also trying to get the Chinese government's approval to build a factory capable of churning out up to 150,000 cars a year.

Reaching the 10-million threshold will be facilitated by the projected takeover of Russia's Avtozaz, a large automaker that owns Lada. Renault-Nissan owns a controlling stake in Avtozaz and expects to complete its purchase by the end of next year.

Rivals Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen have all set similar sales goals for the middle of the decade.