Renault is reportedly in discussions with several automakers in regards to forming cost-saving partnerships, but has specifically outlined a potential partnership with Daimler. Daimler has also publicly announced its talks with Renault, as well as their intentions for the partnership.

Renault's CEO, Patrick Pelata, said, "Yes, we are discussing serious matters with Daimler. Carmakers are holding discussions with each other. There are a lot at the moment."

Pelata's announcements followed comments by Daimler's CEO, Dieter Zetsche, as he announced the talks with Renault about their desire to explore future joint projects. Pelata also confirmed that the discussions covered the possibility of partnerships for developing engines, transmissions and even platforms.

Daimler has announced in various press reports that it is seeking a partner to co-develop engines for the Mercedez-Benz B Class model, various other compact models and for the expansion of the Smart city-car brand.

Pelata explained that during the current global economic crisis that carmakers "try to share the costs of access to new technologies, like the electric vehicle, batteries, fuel cells - anything that is very expensive... and which is a fixed cost but which they don't want to abandon because they think these technologies could be necessary in the future."

The announcements about Daimler's discussed with Renault come as no surprise as Zetsche had previously told Auto Motor Sport magazine in February that Daimler would likely announce a world partner in the first half of 2010.