Report: Cadillac to offer Duramax V8 diesel in CTS?

by Nick Aziz
Report: Cadillac to offer Duramax V8 diesel in CTS?

Originally designed to propel SUVs and pickup trucks, GM's 4.5-liter Duramax V8 turbodiesel powerplant could find its way under the hood of the Cadillac CTS. The idea is unusual, but perhaps not a controversial as the prospect of a four-cylinder Caddy. If a new report is to believed, GM is strongly considering the possibility.

The Duramax mill delivers 310 horsepower, and, as diesels do, a massive amount of torque -- 520 pound-feet to be exact. Critically, GM says the engine meets emissions standards in all 50 states.

The engine might serve to fill the gap between the 304 horsepower V6 and 556 horsepower "V" in the CTS range, according to Motor Trend, but we think it would have to be up-tuned to around 420 horsepower to accomplish that goal.

While shoehorning a diesel into a Cadillac is a bit of a risk from a marketing point of view, the technical feasibility of such a move is very favorable, and the cost to GM would be minimal. The CTS is already capable of fitting the engine without issue, and a suitable transmission is readily available.

Frankly, we'd rather see a twin-turbo V6 with over 400 horsepower added to the CTS lineup, but the Duramax option might be more viable to a cash-strapped GM.