An electrician working at General Motors' Oshawa Assembly Plant lost his job this past week after company officials linked him to the leak of several photos showing a prototype Camaro body shell. The photos found their way onto the internet May 22nd and were published by multiple major automotive websites, including Leftlane.

Details of the leak come via a source within the plant, who claims to have intimate knowledge of the controversy. According to our tipster, the employee -- who has 28 years seniority -- used a camera phone to take pictures of the body to show to his children at home.

Unfortunately for the unidentified employee, friends of his children got ahold of the photos and distributed them on the Web.

It's not known exactly what the photos depict, but it appears GM might be starting to test the assembly process at the Oshawa, Ontario plant, where the Camaro (and other Zeta-platform variants) will be built.

Full assembly is still months away. GM is expected to do a pilot production run very late this year, in order to work out any last-minute kinks. As previously reported, Monday, February 16, 2009, is the day when mass production will kick off.

(The leaked photos can be seen below. For spy photos and full coverage of this new model, see our 2010 Chevrolet Camaro page.)