With Nissan's deal to build the next-generation Titan pickup truck on the Ram platform falling through, Hyundai could be eying a truck partnership with Chrysler. Hyundai approached Chrysler with the idea of a possible truck-sharing program in February, and has even shown a Ram-based Hyundai pickup truck to focus groups.

Hyundai has drastically revamped its entire lineup over the last several months, but still lacks an entrant in full-size pickup truck segment. Although one of the most fiercely competitive segments in the U.S., the truck segment also remains one of the most profitable, explaining Hyundai's desire to join the full-size truck ranks.

Although no agreement has been reached, Hyundai is heavily pursuing a tie-up with Chrysler's Ram brand full-size truck. Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne reportedly turned down Hyundai's offer in February, but could be reconsidering the deal to take advantage of excess capacity.

Barriers exist

Toyota and Nissan have struggled to break into the full-size truck market, but both automakers have relied on original designs. By using the Ram's architecture, Hyundai would not only save on development costs, but could offer a wider variety of model choices - something Toyota and Nissan are sorely lacking.

No word on when a Hyundai-badged Ram pickup truck might come to fruition, but it appears as though the Korean automaker is determined to dominate every U.S. segment.


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