Mahindr's U.S. launch plans have jumped off track at least twice, but the Indian automaker's United States importer says the company has finally completed all necessary tests to sell its diesel-powered pickup truck here.

Mahindra originally planned to launch in the U.S. market with a diesel-powered pickup truck in late 2009, but missed that target as it struggled with more stringent U.S. safety and emission regulations. Mahindra tried again for an early 2010 market launch, but once again failed to have the truck ready.

However, according to John Perez, CEO of Global Vehicles, Mahindr's U.S. importer, the truck has completed all U.S. test and is just awaiting a final approval from the EPA. Perez wouldn't speculate on a U.S. launch date, though, as Mahindra is keeping that information closely guarded.

"It's a battle with Mahindra to get information from them," Perez told Automotive News. "It's not because they don't have the information. It's the culture. They don't like to make announcements."

Although Perez claims to have the inside scoop on Mahindr's U.S. progress, there is probably more to this story. Mahindra had no problem making public its two previous launch dates, so the automaker isn't exactly shy about making announcements. It remains to be seen if Mahindr's truck has actually completed U.S. testing, but we expect to hear more on the subject in the coming weeks.

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