In a move that would surely simplify matters for consumers and parent company Fiat, Maserati dealers are likely to agreed to sell cars from sister brand Alfa Romeo in the United States, says CSM analysts Walt Madeira.

Fiat has long acknowledged plans to bring Alfa back to the United States, but there has been much speculation over where the cars will be sold.

"Maserati dealers in the U.S. would welcome the idea and it would make sense for Alfa," said Madeira. "This makes sense because I can't see new dealers wanting to sell just Alfas," he told the Detroit News.

Fiat factor

Selling high-end Alfas at Maserati dealerships sounds reasonable enough, but recent rumors about the return of the iconic Fiat 500 to the U.S. market leave us with more questions. Would Maserati dealers be willing to sell the compact car? Time will tell.

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