The companies are nonetheless continuing to pursue a joint manufacturing facility in Mexico.

The partnership between Nissan and Daimler is reportedly showing signs of trouble, potentially threatening profitability at the companies' joint production facility in Mexico.Nissan already builds the Infiniti Q30 hatchback on Daimler's MFA platform, shared with the Mercedes-Benz A-, B-, CLA- and GLA-Class models.

Nissan had plans to use an adaptation of the same platform, known as MFA2, to underpin another compact Infiniti car. Development of MFA2 was being jointly funded by both companies and production would have been based at their shared factory in Mexico, due to open for business later this year.

Sources now tell Reuters that Nissan is backing away from its plan for MFA2 as sales projections and pricing for Infiniti-badged vehicles slip below targets that were established when the plan was first proposed.

"The targets set by Infiniti were too difficult to achieve," one source said. "One of the lessons learned is that if you have the costs of a luxury vehicle but not the pricing, it's hard to be profitable."

The companies are nonetheless continuing to pursue the joint manufacturing facility in Aguascalientes, however it is unlikely to achieve its 'efficiency' goals without MFA2 platform sharing. Nissan is said to have killed plans to build a new Infiniti Q40 sedan on the architecture. The Japanese automaker is still expected to build the next QX50 at the plant, but it will be based on Renault-Nissan's own platform.