Shooting down previous loose product plans and ever-present rumors, Chrysler says that there will be no B-segment car, and may cancel the C-segment car as well.

In a move sure to disprove fans of Europeans unique small cars, Chrysler has confirmed that it has nixed the idea of bringing a Chrysler-badged variation of the recently introduced Lancia Ypsilon from Europe to the U.S.

The decision to cancel the Ypsilon-based Chrysler was confirmed by Olivier Francois, head of Chrysler and Lancia, while speaking with Car and Driver at the New York International Auto Show. Francois explained that the car was canceled because it would have been to close a competitor for the recently launched Fiat 500.

In addition to the bad news for Chrysler's B-segment, Francois also explained that the project to bring a new C-segment sedan - think Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Chevy Cruze, Hyundai Elantra and so on - has been put "under review," which is often a political way of saying canceled until a later date, possibly indefinitely.

Instead, Dodge will apparently be the only branch to be guaranteed a new sedan at this time, but Ralph Gilles, head of the brand, explained that the product they have in the works will be "very competitive" when it comes to market, highlighting its fuel economy as a major selling point, says C&D.

No timeline was given for when Dodge expects to have its new sedan ready for public viewing.


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